Friday 1 June 2007
We had one of the best nights sleep on the trip so far. Breakfast at hotel. Went out and explored Argostoli. Kefalonia is best known for the book and film Captain Corelli's Mandolin. It has wider streets, less traffic, and some thought has gone into town planning. The tourist season on this island hasn't taken off yet, so there aren't the crowds we saw on other islands.

Took some photos around the waterfront and walked out on the pedestrian causeway {Drapano bridge}. There's an Obelisk here dedicated to the British rule in the 1800's. Went looking for the St Theodores Lighthouse, seen on many of the travel brochures for the island. I thought we might be walking in the wrong direction but eventually we found it. Took more photos here. Walked some more along the road until we stumbled across Oscars roadside cafe. Had a light lunch and some refreshment and then continued on, up over the hill and back into Argostoli. Walked back to hotel and took our siesta.


We wanted to take a bus tour of the island for tomorrow, but it wasn't available for another week. It really sucks. That means we don't get to see the main port of Sami, the subterranian Melissani cave-lake and the nearby island of Ithaka, home of Odysseus . (aka Ithiki - depending on which guidebook you read)

Saturday 2 June 2006
There's loud music from a nightclub that backs onto the hotel.... keeps us awake until 0300, then sounds of mopeds buzzing off into the night as nightclub staff go home (until 0400). Then at 0730 the jack hammers started from the road construction out in the street. Not much sleep overnight.

We meet and chat to a British couple over breakfast. Went to Lixouri on the ferry... looked around briefly - not much to see here - returned on the next ferry.


Didn't have much to do today, due to the fact there are not bus tours on offer. Sat at a cafe and had a club sandwich and Mythos. Back to hotel for siesta - yes, Kefalonia turned out to be a bore... and we're ready to go home. Out for a stroll at 2100 because I was hungry again - we had an omelette. Did repacking for our trip home... we have an early start tomorrow.

Sunday 3 June 2007
Another noisy night from the neighbouring nightclub. Set alarm for 0500. Showered and finished packing. Hotel had ordered a taxi for us at 0545. Arrived at airport by 0600. Plane left 5 minutes early at 0700. and arrived in Athens 50 minutes later. Plane flew over the Peloponese as the sun came up. Very beautiful. Saw lots of valleys and mountains.

We left our luggage in storage at Athens Airport and caught the train into Athens. We exited the train at Monastiraki, which is in the heart of the Plaka area next to the Acropolis. We walked up to the Acropolis and took a few pictures. Didn't bother to enter the site as we'd had enough of busy tourist crowds and we'd looked over this site on our last visit 7 years ago. Instead we headed for nearby Hadrian's Gate and the Olympic Stadium, which suprisingly filled in a few hours.


Rested in a park. This is where I took the last of my photos, although Tony kept taking more. Had lunch at a street side taverna, bought some more souvenirs. Back on the train to the airport to re-claimed our bags. Changed shirt and socks and freshened up in airport toilets. The t-shirt
I'd just bought in Athens is a bit small so I had to changed my shirt again.

Checked in at the Emirates counter around 1600. Had time for a thick shake at the airport Maccas.

The flight from Athens to Dubai (4.5 hours) was great. The flight left Athens just after 1800... more like 1830 but we had a tail wind and picked up time on the way. We watched the movie The Astronaut Farmer and played games on the inflight entertainment system. With a few hours break in Dubai, we had coffee and chilled out in the quiet lounge.

Monday 4 June 2007
Our next flight (7 hours) to Singapore was uncomfortable for me as a very large man, who seemed to take up one and a half seats had the window seat, Tony had the aisle seat and I was concertinaed in the middle... Tony wasn't giving up an inch!

We freshened up again at Singapore airport and with the same seating arrangement again I endured the final leg to Melbourne (another 7 hours).

Tuesday 5 June 2007
Arriving in Mebourne at 0115, we got through customs without a hitch - I declared the little wooden boat I'd bought for Dad. Apparently it's quicker to have something to declare than wait in long queues to have your baggage x-rayed. We walked across the carpark in the wintery cool air to the Holiday Inn. The rooms here are amazing... our twin share room had two queen-sized beds and fitted out quite plushy. It was also one of the cheaper hotels on the entire trip. Had a quick shower then to bed... I have to mention the beds again - super-soft, cosy and comfortable. It took me a while to unwind, settle down and eventually get to sleep.... but it had to be the best bed I've ever slept on.

Woke around 0820. Tony got up and showered before the 0900 wake up call. Walked back to the airport for our Virgin Blue check-in. Had some breakfast at the airport. Waiting at gate lounge 6 by 1015 for our final local flight to Launceston at 1115.

Mum and Dad were waiting for us at Launceston Airport. They took Tony home first as he had to drive to Hobart that afternoon.

I arrived home just after 1300. Good to get back... it was a fabulous holiday.

© Andrew Shepherd 2007
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... also known as Cephallenia, Cephallonia, Kefallinia, or Kefallonia, is the largest of the Ionian Islands in western Greece with an area of 350 sq. miles. It is also the largest of the two islands forming Kefalonia and Ithaka Prefecture.
The island is named after the mythological figure Cephalus (Ciphalis), although some hold its name literally means "island with a head", referring to the island's shape; the name "Ciphalis" is derived from the Greek word for "head". [more]

The Acropolis of Athens

... is the best known acropolis in the world. The Acropolis is a flat-topped rock which rises 150 m above sea level in the city of Athens. [more]