Andy's World Tour of Europe 2000 Diary

Thursday May 11, 2000
The bus for Mykonos town leaves outside the hotel (very convenient). We followed our noses through the labyrinth of tiny streets and alleyways that make up Mykonos town until the port appeared before us. It’s very easy to get lost here. In the afternoon we escaped the heat in our hotel room. Siesta!!!! ... followed by a few hours beside the pool. Walked back to Mykonostown in the early evening for a bit of exercise as the sunset. Later we had a dip in the hotel pool.

Friday May 12, 2000
This morning we caught the ferry to the sacred island of Delos. There we had a guided tour of the ruins. I wanted to see the Terrace of The Lions but was disappointed when I was told they had been temporarily removed. Later in the afternoon we had a swim in the hotel pool and worked on the tan for a while.

Saturday May 13, 2000
Explored some more of Mykonos town, window shopped around some of the craft galleries. We stopped in a sector called Little Venice and enjoyed a Tequila Sunrise and then viewed the windmills that Mykonos is famous for. For the afternoon we decided we’d venture to Super Paradise Beach on a caique. Met an American guy on the way who told us how the beach was laid out... at one end of the beach you’ll find the Greeks and Str8’s, families in the middle and gays and nudists at the other end. We went to the ‘other end’! Stayed a few hours then headed back to Platis Yialos and had dinner at one of the many restaurants on the beach there.

Sunday May 14, 2000
Very windy today. We headed once again to Mykonos town. It was very busy around the port area, lots of tourists coming and going on the ferries. Later we repacked our backpacks for Italy. We had decided to stayed here an extra night so we wouldn't have to fly out at midnight.

Monday May 15, 2000
Early flight to Athens and then made a 2-hour stop at the Acropolis for some pictures and video. The taxi driver who took us to the bus station ripped us off, he hadn’t reset his meter and obviously over charged us which left us short of cash. We were also running short of time to catch the bus and were told the bus company didn’t accept credit cards. We hurried to find an ATM. We found three... only one worked (it’s always the last one). We had less than two minutes to find the bus to Patras. It’s a long three hour bus ride to the West coast of Greece. Arriving in Patras we searched for the hard to find ticket office in pouring rain. From there we caught an overnight ferry (called “Poseidon”) to Brindisi on the Italian East coast. We met lots of Aussies on board including Wal, Jamie and William (who was from England), some of whom where joining Busabout.

Tuesday May 16, 2000
It was a long sleepless night on the ferry. Squeaky recliner chairs are not the best thing to sleep in. Jamie said Five Star Lines only deserves 1 star!!!! The ferry arrived at Brindisi at 9:30am. A shuttle took us to the town centre. From there we found our way to the train station (thanks Wal). We travelled north on the train and then cut across to Naples, and then switched to a commuter train which took us a short distance south to Sorrento. Then it was a bus to the campsite, eventually arriving at 8:25pm. It was a whirlwind 48 hours, and we were tired and smelly by the time we got there.

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